Non Food Items for Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is right around the corner, this can be a tricky time of year for the parents and kids managing food allergies. (Roughly 4.2 Million Children have Food Allergies)

It’s fun for kids to dress up and be the super hero or princess they admire, but the real fun is going door to door collecting as many treats as possible. What if your kids are allergic to most of those treats, and you have to check EVERY single label before letting them enjoy some of their hard earned work? This is not a fun situation for any parent. Now put yourself in the kids shoes, imagine what they are going through. Working so hard collecting those treats, only to have them taken away. Get ready for the water works! But there is a way to make Halloween fun and safe for every child, and you can be apart of the new trend. It’s easy, you just need to pass out non food items.

Here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Glow Sticks  300 for $20.99
  2. Halloween Toy Assortment 336 for 24.95
  3. Sticky Hands  72 for $8.49
  4. Mini Dinosaurs 100 for $13.99
  5. Halloween Bouncy Balls 72 for 21.86
  6. Pumpkin Stickers 100 for $4.61
  7. Paper Airplanes Made out of Foam 48 for $9.09
  8. Halloween Pencils 48 for $9.00
  9. Vampire Fangs – Glow in the Dark 144 for 12.99
  10. Glow in the Dark Toys (fingers, bugs, and balls) 100 for $12.95
  11. Puzzles that are also Erasers 24 for $13.95
  12. Mini Rubiks Cube 21 for 10.99
  13. Mini Playing Cards 20 for $9.97
  14. Halloween Punch Balloons 30 for $7.99
  15.  Smile Face Mini Note Pads 24 for $6.52
  16.  Emoji Pillow Key Chains 25 for $12.99
  17.  Bubble Wands 40 for $12.99
  18. Slime Party Favors 48 for $14.59
  19. Stress Relief Balls 24 for $14.98

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