Leave No Traces

How to remove traces of peanuts & tree nuts from tables, desks, hands and mouths.

Cleaning Tables and Desks
– 409 spray cleaner
– Target cleaner with bleach
– Lysol Wipes

*Research shows washing with dish soap can leave behind a trace amount the size of (40-140 ul/ml) this is below the minimum threshold for common reactions to occur. HOWEVER, to be safe please use one of the approved cleaners listed above.

Washing Hands
– Liquid soap and water
– Wet Ones Wipes

* Liquid hand sanitizer does NOT effectively remove proteins.

Washing Mouths
– Rinsing with water
– Brushing Teeth
– Chewing Gum
– Waiting an Hour

* Saliva may still contain harmful proteins. For many more reasons beyond just food allergies, discourage the sharing of any items that may come into contact with the mouth.

Lets keep our children and staff safe. Do your part by exercising these safe practices.

For more information visit: verywellhealth.com

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